i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??

Can we also point out she attends hogwarts?

Anonymous said: How do I send nudes to you? ;)

Lol you can’t send them in a tumblr as box?


femboisdaddy2 said: You are soooo cute <3

Yayyyyy thanks 💁


blamboyz said: You are very beautiful and I want to photograph you forever xxx

I’m not photogenic 😩😩😩


Anonymous said: Do you accept nudes?

Yes….yes I do


noodlessmashkab9 said: im jealous!! you put on makeup so much better then me <3!

It’s just practice, I was a wreck in the beginning I’m sure


Anonymous said: You are STUNNING. Your eye makeup could win awards I swear.

I don’t think so 0_o but thank you a lottt


williamhcampbell said: you're pretty

Aww thank you ! :)


Anonymous said: You are extremely attractive id love to pound you with my str8 dick



Instagram : Vixenofbeauty :) a throwback Thursday but still 😏😏

Meow 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚 VixenofBeauty_
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tweet tweet ;) Twitter:  @ VixenofBeauty_ 


indianqueenofqueerness said: /post/82706195580/hiiii-its-me Blush game strong



indianqueenofqueerness said: Also, booty so fly


Rose gold nail, swishhhhh ~